Why Consider The Restore Wellness Center Neuropathy Protocol For Peripheral Neuropathy?

What is the ‘Restore Wellness Center Neuropathy Protocol’ treatment process?
The Restore Wellness Center Neuropathy Protocol is an integrated 4-step program made up of complimentary therapies and methods of treatment which are specifically assessed based on the individual needs of each patient. Furthermore, the protocols are specific to the patients individual nerve fiber degeneration. All of these treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical and drug free!

Our methods are highly effective because they work together to holistically decrease pain while helping in the repair and regeneration of your micro circulation and degenerating nerves. This creates a process where the body can begin to heal itself from the inside out, as it was designed and intended too.

Once your examination and history and been completed and reviewed, we will discuss the entire process with you and design a customized system of therapies, as well as a treatment schedule to fit your specific health needs.

Why hasn’t my general doctor or neurologist told me about this treatment?
The standard care for almost any condition in today’s society from your medical doctor is, “Here’s a pill, tell me how you feel..” Unfortunately, this approach of merely treating a patient’s symptoms and not fixing the cause of the problem, has been the doctrine followed and taught at medical schools for decades.

Further still, the main source of continuing education for doctors regarding pain management is typically the pharmaceutical companies. So, in most cases, the producers of drugs like Lyrica, Gabapentin, and Neurontin are the ones instructing doctors how best to treat neuropathy!

Are you the only doctors doing this?
We are the only clinics using the Restore Wellness Center Neuropathy Protocol which has been refined and improved over 5 years and more than 3,000 patients. There are other practitioners who treat neuropathy, but they do so in addition to treating other conditions. We are further distinguished because our doctors focus exclusively on treating people with neuropathy.

Is the treatment FDA approved?
No, but this is a matter of the terminology. The treatments have been “cleared” by the FDA. The label “FDA Approved” is generally used in relation to drugs, not medical equipment.

What is the cost of the treatment?Restore Wellness Center
The cost will depend on the treatment your doctor recommends. The treatment options can vary from just a few thousand up to ten or fifteen-thousand dollars in severe cases, so until we fully understand all areas of your neuropathic condition, any cost estimate would be a guess. The only thing worse than making a medical decision based purely on cost, is making a medical decision based on a guess at what the cost may be. If people did that in regard to cancer treatments everyone diagnosed with cancer would die from either lack of treatment or sticker shock!

Will my insurance cover this?
Insurance companies tend to classify therapies such as ours, “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, or CAM. Other CAM therapies include chiropractic, acupuncture, & massage therapies. Unfortunately, even though a growing percentage of Americans regularly use CAM therapies, insurance providers typically cover little to none of the cost.

It just doesn’t make sense. Insurance seems designed to cover expensive drugs that do nothing but cover-up symptoms, or serious matters such as amputations or wheelchairs once things have progressed too far, but not fix the cause of your problem. Coverage is very limited for preventative care and treatments like ours that actually focus on the cause of your problem.

The straight forward truth is that the big pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment have very deep pockets and political lobbying powers. CAM therapy providers just do not have the big industry dollars or political power to back them.

Regardless of if insurance will cover any portion of your treatment, we will do everything we can to help. The mass majority of our patients are on fixed incomes and finances were a concern for them as well, if we weren’t able to make our care affordable, we would not be seeing over 1,000 people a week for our services.

How long is the treatment and is there any pain involved?
Every patient is different. Without an exam and history done it would be tough to say, but typically there are three 1-hour treatment sessions per week and the entire process can last anywhere between four to sixteen weeks.

Not only are the methods we use comfortable and pain-free, most patients find the process so relaxing that they actually doze off and fall asleep during their treatments!

I’ve been told that once a nerve is dead, it can’t come back, is this true?
Someone saying, “Once a nerve is dead, it’s dead” is not 100% correct. Think of your nervous system as two separate parts. The central nervous system (CNS), which involves your brain and spinal cord, and then your peripheral nerves that extend off your spinal cord to your hands & feet. These nerves carry information to and from your spinal cord, similar to telephone wires.

Now, if an accident induces brain or spinal cord damage, the CNS has a very limited capacity to heal and regeneration rarely occurs. On the other hand, peripheral nerves have an amazing capacity for regeneration. Even if your peripheral nerves become severed or cut, as with a person who has a finger cut off, if the finger is reattached without too much time passing, the nerves can regenerate and the person will have a complete, or nearly complete recovery in most cases.

This is comparable to how our treatments have the ability to regenerate the peripheral nerves that have been affected by your neuropathy. However, because peripheral neuropathy is a progressive condition, meaning it only gets worse with time, the nerves can go beyond the stage of repair. So, just like if that person with the severed finger waited too long to go to the hospital, there can come a point where your neuropathy has caused too much damage and there’s no longer anything we can do to help.

For these reasons, if you want to prevent any more serious or permanent nerve damage in your hands, feet, legs, or arms, we always stress the importance of catching this early and doing whatever is necessary as quick as possible.

Is there any research behind the technologies and therapy you provide?

Thousands of research papers and articles are available that explain the technology we use such as nerve stimulation, light therapy, and tissue vibration. Some of this has even been studied, developed and used by companies such as NASA since before the turn of the century. In addition to all of this information being available at various scientific and medical websites around the world, we have some of this research data available in our offices for people who need a deeper or simpler explanation of the therapies.

On this topic however, we have found that most folks just want to cut-to-the-chase and ask the real question everyone wants to know, “Is this some sort of trial or experimental treatment?” We can firmly answer that our treatments are nothing of the sort. In fact, the equipment we use has been cleared by the FDA and in just the last few years alone, our treatments have provided lasting relief for thousands of people from around the country.

Can this help people with Restless Leg Syndrome(RLS)?

In most cases, yes we can. As it turns out, peripheral neuropathy is one of the most overlooked causes of RLS.