“Say goodbye to pain-and hello to the Optimal Neuropathy Protocol!”

The Optimal Neuropathy Protocol is an advanced proprietary peripheral neuropathy treatment program. Our program consists of four distinct treatment methods, combined to create a truly effective treatment for relief of peripheral neuropathy pain and associated discomfort.

Optimal Neuropathy Protocol’s four steps:

A. Stimulate
B. Rejuvenate
C. Activate
D. Empower

Let’s explore each of these…

STEP 1: Stimulate

This step consist of functional nerve stimulation. For this we use an electronic device which has been cleared by the FDA for a number of pain indications.

The device produces and delivers electronic frequencies that are used to decrease nerve pain and allows for increased blood flow. This starts the process of healing and rehabilitation of the damaged nerves.

The first benefits start with pain reduction and the increased ability to feel your feet or hands, which in turn aids in restoring your balance! Unlike other electro-medical devices used primarily by physical therapists such as TENS units, these machines have been engineered for physician-use in clinical pain management and neuropathy.

STEP 2: Rejuvenate

The second step in the protocol is to increase your overall circulation by utilizing “Light Emitting Diode” therapy. The LED light therapy was designed for the specific treatment of feet and hands and is a significant part of our program.

LED light effectively and efficiently penetrates the skin to stimulate further healing of the damaged nerves by initiating the release of nitric-oxide. This process induces vaso-dilation, or the widening of the blood vessels, to restore normal blood flow and circulation.

The improvement of the circulation allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow to the peripheral nerves. This helps to stimulate angiogenesis through which new blood vessels are formed.

The light is able to travel deeper and penetrate the bodies tissues in ways that cannot be reached by other means.

If you have ever held a flashlight up to your hand, you can see how effectively light travels through the human body.

Light Therapy was introduced by NASA and originally developed as a way to speed up cell regeneration to provide faster plant growth and food production for long-term space excursions.

After it was proved effective with plant cells, researchers advanced to using the technology to speed up cellular regeneration and reducing the healing times in animals and humans.

STEP 3: Activate

This step involves the use of vibration therapy. Different types of nerves in the body respond to different frequencies of vibration to heal and respond most efficiently.

This treatment uses various frequencies of vibration on different areas of your body which further stimulates new capillary and nerve regeneration. This stimulation aids in the increase of blood flow to the peripheral nerves and the surrounding tissues.

Tissue vibration therapy also helps to get your feet and brain talking to one another to improve balance and coordination, something called “proprioception”.

STEP 4: Empower

Not to take away from the amazing results that our patients see from steps 1-3, but step 4 is truly THE KEY to not only reaching your desired level of pain-free health, but staying there for as long as you like.

You have probably heard of the abundant health issues related to inflammation. This devastating health condition has made headlines in many magazines and journals. In fact, Time Magazine calls inflammation “the secret killer” — nothing could be more true!

Inflammation has been proven to cause severe health problems such as poor circulation … breathing problems … joint destruction … low energy … allergies … and a host of other illnesses. A diet that causes inflammation creates an internal environment where the body is consistently working against itself. Patients with peripheral neuropathy have chronic inflammation in not only the nerves, but the blood vessels and micro-capillaries, too.

This step is called “Empower” because we empower our patients to take control and ensure that their newfound pain-free health is maintained for the rest of their lives!

Through nutritional education and proper supplementation, your body starts to play a more dynamic role in the healing process. This allows yourself to become much more effective at fighting off illness and disease.